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Victor & Myra

Victor served in World War II as a high-speed reconnaissance pilot, flying the legendary Spitfire all over the world.

Victor met his wife Myra during the war, he instantly fell in love and begged her to marry him. Her reply was ‘It’s going to be a long war, let’s see what happens’. Low and behold, when the war was over Victor received a letter from Myra, asking to meet in Southampton. Now, 67 years later they are happily married and still very much in love, and both living at Hampton Care Home.


Ruth was born in May 1930 into a Jewish family in Prague. Just after her 9th birthday her parents managed to send her to the UK on one of Sir Nicholas Winton’s kinder transport trains. She arrived alone, carrying her small suitcase and a large number to identify her around her neck, at Liverpool Street Station.

In 1988, Ruth learned from the BBC programme ‘This is Your Life’ that in actual fact the man behind her rescue was a man called Nicholas Winton. A few years later, she discovered quite by chance that Nicky lived just a few miles away, they became very close and she cooked for him every week for the next 25 years.

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